Natural Disasters and Prepared Children

This past week has definitely hit home for us. We live in Colorado, right smack in the middle of the floods. We have become accustomed to the weather alerts on the television and radios and my sons are well prepared if we need to flee the flood waters. Backpacks filled with necessities, shoes where they can find them, extra meds and emergency kits in each pack and the understanding that, if we HAD to flee, the Xbox, cell phones and laptops would go with us. (their insistence on the Xbox!)

As we prepared the packs during the worst of the flooding, there was much discussion about fears and planning for the worst case scenario. Danyls biggest fear was running out of his insulin so we packed all his insulin in an insulated lunch bag and stuck it back in the fridge. His ONLY job if we have to leave is to grab this bag and his backpack.

Sean has a different job, that he chose. His biggest fear is injury and being unable to aid the injured so, his job is to grab the medical kit we have for emergencies. He’s gone through and made sure theres bandages, antibiotic salves, tape, gauze, cold packs and splints in the kit. I think he added some other things as well but Ill have to look and see. He was VERY busy on Thursday getting this ready.

My job is the important papers. Birth certificates, marriage license, shot records for kids and dog, insurance cards, ownership papers and the like. I will also supervise the kids and make sure they are ready quickly.

Hubbys job is to make sure the power is cut off when we leave, getting the computers into their waterproof bags and getting the dog ready to go. We even made an extra bag with a weeks worth of food and water for the dog and kids.  HE gets to carry THAT.

Friday, we did a drill to see how fast we could get ready. It worked very well and we were all ready in less than 10 minutes! This is good because I was having a HUGE fibro flare and was moving slow. Preparation is key, getting things ready BEFORE you need them.

Teaching this to the kids was fun and an important step in their bugging out preparations. We’ve discussed, all week, where we’d go and what to do if we got separated. Thankfully we haven’t had to implement this plan yet.


One thing I worry about is getting to higher ground fast enough. I’m deathly afraid of murky, rushing water and I just hope, if we have to go, there’s none around!

As I watched the events unfolding around us, I kept thinking “No, please no, not now, not this year” We’ve gone through so much crap this year that this would be just another disaster added to the most disastrous of years in my entire marriage. As I listened to yet another emergency broadcast, I bit my lip and inwardly prayed that we be spared. When the dam broke three miles from my home, flooding the area, I cried. When the waters went the other way, I silently celebrated, selfishly.

I watched the news yesterday and saw that Longmont was being evacuated. Five miles North of us. Flooding continues swirling around the communities around us yet we are untouched, thus far. A sea of peaceful calm within the eye of the storm. I thank the Gods and Goddesses for this.

Mike said a few days ago that he could have done a better job of finding us a place to live, a place we could actually afford instead of this expensive place. I pointed out, yesterday, the places we WERE going to move to. They were all flooded! I hugged him and told him that we were meant to be here, for exactly this reason.


As you go through your days, think on this. What would YOU and your family do if this flooding or any other natural disaster hit YOUR hometown? Will you and your kids be prepared?

And one final yet VERY important thought: Remember your pets! They are your family as well. Think about how devastated you would be if your animal was killed in the disaster because you forgot them at home. PLEASE, take your pets. They deserve to be safe and with their family too!


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