Not In My Backyard!

Too many people are afraid of the mentally ill and create the stigma of all mentally ill people, especially teens, being violent. As a teenager, I suffered from depression and anxiety. At the age of 13, I tried to kill myself by taking an overdose. Three kids in my school killed themselves that same year. We need to be honest with ourselves and realize that the best way to get the problem solved is by opening up more facilities and educating the public about mental illness.

Empowered Grace

If anyone ever wonders why there are untreated children with mental illness in their communities, then wonder no longer.  Here is an article from my local paper that explains why a neighboring community refused to open a day treatment center that would offer services to children with mental illness.  Keep in mind, when children with mental health issues are not treated, the results are mentally ill adults.  So, the next time a person with mental illness does something awful and the news sensationalizes it for the world to see leaving “sane” people scratching their heads, wondering aloud, and spouting off judgments like, “What kind of crazy-ass person goes and does something like that to innocent people,” please remember that it’s “sane” people who are depriving innocent children of these services in the first place by blocking the permits that would allow community-based programs to help the most vulnerable young ones…

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