Waiting for Justice

For almost two years, Yalanda Lind has been sitting in a jail cell in Waco Texas awaiting trial. She waits for the prosecutor to gather evidence against her in the case. The crime she’s accused of? Murdering her own mother.


In 2008, Jeremy Lee Lowrey stabbed Yalandas mother to death. This is not in dispute. He admitted to the murder after serving 1350 days awaiting trial. The next day, Yalanda was arrested after a sealed indictment was handed down. This was solely on the word of an admitted murderer who happened to be the woman’s ex boyfriend who had been stalking her and her coworkers since their breakup. 

This womans guilt is seriously in dispute yet the prosecutor has procrastinated for two years, letting her languish unreasonably in prison for something someone else did. This man has cost her not only her mother’s life but it has cost her a son and a husband who loves her dearly. I should know, I’m her mother in law. 


All we seek is justice. TIMELY justice. While the prosecutors and judges play their political games, a family has been torn apart.


All on the word of a murderer.


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