Fibromyalgia and Marijuana Therapy

I have been trying to find a treatment that works for my Fibro since I was diagnosed ten years ago. I’ve tried every medication they have listed for Fibro, even trying  the Cymbalta and Lyrica before they were slated for Fibro. They worked for a while, somewhat, but I HATED the side effects. 

Since I live in a marijuana state, I decided to try it after taking myself off ALL my meds in December. Last month I started the experiment. I am ECSTATIC to say that I have had three weeks of relative painlessness! I’m asleep, most nights, before midnight and up by 7AM, something I haven’t been able to do in 15 years.

So far, there has been minimal side effects. I don’t feel “high” except once when I took some of the cookie and had a beer. UGH no more drinking! The dizziness caused by the Lyrica is gone, I have more energy, my appetite is back, my sex drive is back, I’m actually starting to LIKE myself again!


I’ll definitely post again about the experimentation. I’m much happier with the herb than all those disgusting chemicals the doctor wants me to take!


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