Well, it’s done…

My daughter in law was found guilty after less than a week on trial. I was not able to be there for my son due to finances but I talked to him every night over the phone.


Now she faces life in prison.


My son told me that she is refusing to sign divorce papers even though she was the one who asked for a divorce a year ago. He can’t understand why she’d do this to him after all he did for her while she was going through the wait for trial. Honestly, I don’t either. It almost feels like she’s holding on to him as some sort of lifeline or something. I suppose I’ll have to write her and ask.


I’m still coming to grips with this whole thing. I’m sad for my son yet so glad that this is over. I don’t know what to think of the trial and conviction except that it took too long to get her in to trial and that should have been handled differently. They didn’t ask all who knew her any questions about her. Personally, I think she was railroaded but, that’s just me. If she IS truly guilty, she’s where she should be and society is safe. At least from her.


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