Non Secular/Secular Homeschool

As some of you know, I’m not big on religion. Most of the time I don’t talk about religious matters with my children because I feel that they will ask, when they are ready. 

My children have never gone to church. Well, that’s not true but my eldest was just a baby the last time we went and he’s almost 15 now. Anyway, their religious training is, according to my father, extremely lacking. I’ve told him that when religion spoke to my childrens hearts, they will ask the questions and I will teach them. 

The time has come. 

This year my 15 year old has started initiating conversations about the bible and religion in general. He wants to learn a multifaceted genre of secularity. We’ve begun with Christianity: history and philosophy. Thus far, the debates have been thorough and lively with my 11 year old getting into the conversation as well. I answer questions that I can and we find the answers I don’t know. Thank goodness I had a good education on this subject because some of the questions they ask are doozys! 


That said, I find myself concerned about brainwashing them into a belief they don’t have already. My elder already is well versed in mythological gods and goddesses from Egypt and such. He has begun reading the bible and finds it “a good read but perplexing” Asking questions that defy answers, even WITH reading the bible. I always had the exact same questions that he does and even my college professors didn’t answer them satisfactorily. I still don’t know the answers to those questions and I have a REAL problem with the “just trust and believe in God” I just can’t for some reason.

My biggest thing here is that I trust that little voice in my heart that tells me when something is right or wrong and I’ve always taught my children to do the same. It’s worked amazingly well thus far.I have well behaved children with flaws. They are human and make mistakes. When they do, I ask if they listened to their inner voice. Usually the answer is no. They learn and evolve.

I’ve never seen the sense in mixing religion and mathematics or science. Literature, sparingly. History, we have talked about it when coming across it in their studies but didn’t delve into the spiritual aspect. If it wasn’t relevant, it wasn’t taught. 

This year, I feel in my gut, will be a very interesting, spiritual year for my house. I can’t wait for the conversations I’m going to have.


I LOVE homeschooling!


One thought on “Non Secular/Secular Homeschool

  1. You might consider teaching theology this year. But as you feel there is more than just one way to look at things, consider teaching more than one theology. The world is full of fascinating religions. Some religions have died and some probably should have but persevered. All have parts in common and all have aspects all their own. Don’t forget that history plays an important role in religion. The Christian Bible has been rewritten by kings with parts stricken entirely. Also it has been translated and translated and translated. The Torrah is a lot like the old testament, but there are books within the Torrah that simply aren’t in the old testament of the Christian Bible. And there are unanswerable questions. But searching for truth is what can make this a fascinating subject.


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