Busy week!

Monday I took hubby to the doctor and finally got a diagnosis (pending the neuros advisement). Anterior Cerebral Atrophy with more than 30 white matter abnormalities with at least one on the brain stem. Prognosis is not good 😦

Same day my oldest son flew in from Oklahoma for an interview with the producer of Snapped on Wednesday. He’ll be heading back home on Monday morning. We are talking about him coming to live with us to help me with hubby.

I’m in EXCRUCIATING pain today after all the house cleaning, stress and the weather change along with the solar flare that is hitting us at the moment. Those damned things always mess with my fibro!  I’m out of weed so I have to get on the motorcycle and drive 5 miles in 40 degree weather to get more so I can stop hurting. Just SO glad I’m in a state with legal MJ. It helps SO much more than narcotics and antidepressants.

The boys are going to online school this year and are, as of now, about 15 lessons behind. It’s been a week where I’ve been more worried about other things than school. I REALLY wish I hadn’t let hubby talk me into it. Unschooling was SO much easier and the boys were actually learning things instead of just clicking buttons and guessing the tests. They pass them (mostly) without doing the actual studying! The school bumped Dan up a grade so he’s in 7th now and Sean is in 9th. First year of high school is frustrating him horribly 😦


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