My eldest child

Monday, the 6th of September, my eldest son (29) was due to fly into town. He was to join me in being interviewed for a television series. Let me tell you about the arrival and subsequent week we’ve had.

Monday morning he calls, telling me what time his flight is leaving. Then he calls me a few hours later and tells me he’s at the airport. He calls me before they load the plane (while I’m at the Drs with my hubby) Then he calls again when he lands.

During all these calls, he’s telling me about everything. The check in gestapo took his hormone creams and trashed them. His father just dropped him at the airport and left instead of waiting for the boarding announcement.

Not surprising. His father’s a dumb ass.

He calls me to tell me he’s on the way from the airport via taxi. Then he calls again to tell me he’s at the office, unsure of what apartment building I’m in. I tell him we’d meet him outside. I head outside in bare feet so I won’t miss him (So very excited to see my baby after 5 years!)

The cab pulls up and a young woman steps from the cab. There’s no one else in the cab so I look at the woman again…

It was my son.

If I hadn’t already known he was gay, I would have been shocked but, because I have spoken to him, I knew.

Still, it would have been nice to be forewarned! I could have alerted his younger brothers to the idea that bubba likes wearing dresses. Good thing I’ve raised them to be open minded!

Fast forward to Wednesday. David, the producer shows up and is a bit surprised by the difference in my son. Or should I say my daughter? Anyway, they set up and spent the next four hours interviewing us both. They were very nice and the children behaved like true gentlemen.

Saturday, my eldest got up and went to Walmart to cash a check. While there, he lost his wallet. ID and all….

Guess who’s not catching his flight home on Monday??


One thought on “My eldest child

  1. I think it’s great you roll with the punches so well. Years ago, I was attending a particular church who had invited a guest preacher. The guy shows up, family in tow, and proceeds to push a new church agenda — an anti gay agenda. His son happened to be sitting just behind me. He wasn’t wearing a dress or anything so obvious, but the look on his face — the devastated, “I can never be honest, ever” look just broke my heart. I stood up and told the preacher that I didn’t come to church to learn hate and that I didn’t think it had a place in a church. He invited me to leave and so I did. My mother followed me, though she would never have stood up like that. When we got outside, more than fifty people had followed, including the boy. I’ve thought about his struggles. If that moment seemed profound to me, it was nothing on what he must have felt. He didn’t just walk out on his church, he walked out on his father. He isn’t alone of course, far too many children are in the closet because of their parents.

    I love that your son can be who he is inside in your presence, even when that someone is actually a she. If she didn’t have that love and support — like the boy in my story didn’t have — how much harder would life be and unnecessarily so. Our children never come out exactly the way we envision and that’s a good thing. We’d miss out on so many surprises and so much growth if they did. We’d miss out on wonderful individuals that we get to meet rather than create in our image. I’m glad that your child has you.


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