The desire to change

So, I’ve got a really bad case of wanderlust as does my middle son. What we want to do is get an RV and spend a year travelling around the country, learning, exploring and LIVING. He’s 15 now and has plans to leave home after his 16th birthday so he can explore and get on with his life making Tiny Houses, living off grid. He has dreams and aspirations. I’m totally OK with this. He can always be emancipated and be legally able to do as he desires.

Back to our dream. We have been home/unschooling for a couple years now and now we want to be able to GO to the places we have been learning about and REALLY learn, get to talk to the people in the different areas of the country and expose the boys to different cultures.

There is a major problem.


The RV would cost between 5 and 10 thousand for a small one. We have really bad credit because of medical bills so we can’t get a loan. I’m wondering if we should start a kickstarter or Gofundme for the funds. We’d have money for gas and food but not the initial vehicle. This is something we’d really like to do and another thing this would do is help us to save money for a homestead.

Right now, we spend 1300 a month on rent and another thousand on other bills (electricity, water, gas etc)  We are unable to save ANY money for emergencies much less a house. This would help by allowing us to travel and find cheaper places to rent or buy.

Maybe be able to afford things like shoes and clothing for the kids even!


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