An Experiment in Hijab

OK, I’ve come across something that irritates me so much that I can’t contain myself. Please bear with me on this rant.

A few months ago, I had occasion to speak with a woman wearing a Hijab. It was a wonderful conversation about the reasons she wore it. Not all were because of her religion and the main thing she said that stuck in my head was “try it and see how you feel”

Last month I bought one and that night I put it on, trying to figure out how to drape it so it looked right. My husband came into the room and frowned at me. “Why are you wearing THAT?” Was his question. The tone of his voice screamed that he didn’t approve so I told him I was just trying out a different way to wear my scarves. He shrugged and left the room and I put it away with tears in my eyes.

Then I got angry.

Who was he to tell me what I could and couldn’t wear?

For the next few days, I worked on practicing in the bathroom, with the door locked, when he wasn’t home. I loved the way it looked on me and devil be damned, I was bound and determined to wear it!

A few weeks later, I had to take my youngest son to the hospital for an overnight stay and took it with me. I put it on at the hospital and wore it in public for the first time. It was surreal, honestly. My 12 year old son smiled when he saw me wearing it and said “mama, you look so pretty in the Hijab.” I didn’t even know he knew what they were!

We sat in the cafeteria of the hospital and ate dinner and the looks I received from people around me were a mix of admiration, confusion and disgust. A couple of women came in wearing hijab and sat next to my son and I. One commented on my scarf and we chatted till it was time to take my son to the clinic. They were super supportive when I said it was my first time wearing it in public and gave me tips and encouragement.

This past Saturday I went out with the hijab on, in the company of my daughter and her Godfather. We had a wonderful night and no one even commented on it. I guess they assumed that it was to cover my hair because of the weather.

As an American woman, who has always been very adventurous with dressing, I have found that wearing the hijab does something to me, mentally. I feel more…. I don’t honestly know how to describe it but I guess I feel more feminine. I feel less like I have to prove something… Something as simple as covering your head and understanding WHY you’re doing it does something to you. I find myself WANTING to wear less revealing clothing, WANTING to be more modest in not only my dress but my actions and my words. Β It’s…. strange, honestly. But I like it.

My husband will read this tonight or tomorrow and probably frown but I hope he is openminded enough to understand that not all women who wear the head coverings are Muslim and that what I want to wear not only makes ME feel good but honors him as well. Think about it, the more modestly I dress, the less temptation another man has toward me πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “An Experiment in Hijab

    • I actually didn’t expect the response I’ve had to wearing it. I’m astounded at my visceral response within myself more than that of others. My husband will either adapt to it or he won’t. At this point, I’m not worried either way. It would be nice if he were more understanding but… He has his own issues. Thanks for responding and following πŸ™‚ Namaste!

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      • Your marriage sounds like a challenging area of your life. I should be clear – my husband is amazing and he’s never pressured me to use hijab or not. I pray that same comes to pass for you! I hope hijab becomes a joy for you as it is for me ☺

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  1. Hey! I’ve been wearing hijab for 3 years now. My mom doesn’t and so she feels proud and embarrassed but that her teenage daughter is wearing hijab and protecting herself. No where is it said that you have to be Muslim to wear hijab. It is so that the eyes of other men other than your husband are not directed at you. I feel proud as a Muslim to know you are wearing or trying to. When I first started, I wore it to school once. My friends went about their day. I was surprised how lightly they took it so I asked if they thought it was weird. They complimented me and encouraged me to wear it more. You just have to find the people that don’t mind it.
    -Dua Styles

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  2. It definitely does make people “judge” you based on your character and personality rather than what society claims the perfect women should be, flawless-face and hair falling perfectly into place. I’m currently doing a project on this. Check my blog out! Stay inspiring! x

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