Service Dogs

      Apparently people think that only large dogs can be service dogs. I have a Min Pin who is a trained service dog and wears his vest every where we go.  He picks up things I drop and gives them to me. He can open doors that have towels on them, open drawers that are too low for me to open and alert people if I’ve passed out or fallen. He alerts me if my blood sugar goes dangerously high or low, he leads me to a safe place if I’m having a panic attack and brings me my med containers when I need them. He weighs less than 10 pounds which is an excellent weight for me to carry most of the time.

    When I go into places to shop, eat or see the doctor, he’s got his vest on. A week ago I had to take my 9-year-old to the ER. My dog went with us as he always does. The nurse wasn’t going to let me back with him. She asked for his service dog papers, of which there is no such thing. She FINALLY noticed his vest and let us back to see the doctor. As we left a few hours later, I handed her my business card. I own a company called Tiny Service Dogs. My company is one that educates the public on what small dogs can be trained to do for the disabled.


3 thoughts on “Service Dogs

  1. Very cool. I have a 5-year-old with Down syndrome and we are considering getting him a service dog in the future to help with his wandering and keeping him safe. We’re just now getting educated on service dogs, and it may be a while before he (we) are ready, but I’m glad to have come across you.



    • Definately take your time and learn about the different breeds. There are dogs that have been found to be excellent helpers with Downs people. I worked with a wonderful little cattle dog that was a wiz at keeping her boy out of dangerous situations by just grabbing his shirt and pulling or he would grab the boys belt and guide him where he needed to be. I got him to where the boy could have a strap on his wrist that the dog could grab and lead the young man around the house.

      If your child has balance issues and such, a Golden Retriever or even an English Mastiff might be a good fit. The Mastiff is a very large but extremely gentle animal who does well with small children and larger adults so, you could possibly have the same animal for the entirety of your child’s life!

      I will warn you though, they are expensive. The training itself can run you 10,000 and up, depending on the trainer, the length of training and type or training. Most of that is out of pocket expenses. You would have to cover it or do your own fundraising, unfortunately.


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