Is this a virtual world or a really good trip?

Today I’m remembering something that happened to me when I was seeing a doctor that would give me IV treatments for my Fibro.

When I’d go in, I’d lay, face down most times, on a massage table. He would start the treatments on my back, then insert the IV. What happens next is hard to describe but I’ll try.

Imagine, if you will, A television screen that’s filled with nothing but static. Then the pictures come through, slightly. A bit clearer then you’re not where you were but somewhere else. My first time under, I was in my Second Life realm of Gor, thinking I was serving in a tavern. I even took orders for drinks! It FELT real. I smelled the cooking of meat and beer. I’d transformed into what my virtual character was. For an hour or three, I was under the influence of this stuff and it was a rude jolt to find myself back in the “real” world.

The treatments went on, every few weeks, for over a year. The last one was……. um…. interesting to say the least.

I went under, as usual but, this time I knew from the onset that things would be different.

Instead of getting the fuzziness, I was taken on a trip to the cellular level. I was an amoebae, surrounded by other amoebae, floating in nothingness. It was rather enjoyable till the head amoebae came in,  and told me to take a breath.

head amoebae: “ok hun, take a deep breath for me”

me: “um, I can’t”

head amoebae:”why not?”

me “I have no lungs”

head amoebae: “try for me, you’ll be surprised, just expand yur chest and breath”

me: “um, ok…”

I envision my entire amoebae body expanding and suddenly I’m breathing!

me: “wow, that was cool!!”

head amoebae, laughing: “I now, huh! now try it again and lets see where it goes”

I take several deep breaths and slowly come out of the medicines severe grip. I look at the nurse, rather sheepishly I imagine and say “you aren’t going to tell anyone about this, are you?” She laughs and shakes her head, helps me get dressed and lets me relax for a bit till I can “find my legs” This I find extremely funny and am still chuckling half an hour later when I leave the office.


Now, my ponderings are this: Are the episodes I had in the drugged state visions of a subset of virtuality, where the programs overlapped momentarily or was it just a really good trip? As an avid computer user, it makes me wonder.

Are we just computer avatars in a simulated world? Is death just our programmer hitting the delete button?


Burgulars are SO nice nowadays… Well, this one was!

Apparently there is a  new type of burglar in the world these days. Ones that come in and clean your house and cook you dinner!

 Keith Davis was arrested when the woman of the house and her son came home on Monday, February 6th. His crime? He made himself at home, in HER house. He had folded the laundry, swept the floors and cooked dinner. Good grief, if he wanted to do these things for her, he should have TOLD her. Hell, if I came home and found someone in my house, my chores done and dinner cooked, I’d think I was in the wrong house! Maybe more burglars should take this to heart and start following in his footsteps. Never know, you might actually get a JOB out of it instead of a prison sentence.

Oh, and Keith…. my windows always open 😉

Guns, laptops and disfunctional families

 I must say, I’m pretty horrified at what this father did BUT, I can relate to his underlying frustration. His child is mouthy (what child at that age ISN’T?) Disrespectful (again, age thing) Spoiled and disgraceful but whose fault is this? HER PARENTS!

My kids are spoiled and I’m the first to admit it. They still show me and their father respect. Why? Because we respect them AND allow them, even encourage them, to speak their minds. We may not agree with them and their words might even anger us but we are adult enough to sit down with them and talk. This is obviously NOT happening in that family. Sad to say but, most parents nowdays are too busy buying those brats crap to make them more spoiled. They are working so hard to make up for the stuff they didn’t have that they are RUINING the kids and can’t see it. My kids do chores and bitch about it to me, not their Facebook friends. They are sure enough of my reactions that they know they can say anything to me without fear of reprisals.

I homeschool my kids because {in part} of this type of thinking. Bullies picking on younger or less advantaged children, kids shooting eachother over petty shit, drugs and above all, the shitty teaching. Kids nowdays aren’t safe ANYWHERE but they are SAFER here at home than anywhere else.

My kids don’t have cell phones, laptops, brand name sneakers or even pants that fit for longer than a week. My husband and I are disabled, on a fixed income so we can’t afford things like that. Yes, there are four computers in our home. They are all out of date and falling to pieces. I have a laptop that someone gave me for Xmas. It’s missing the L key but it’s great for me when I have to be in the hospital. I have just recently splurged on a new pack of panties for myself, the first in ten years. The old ones were, literally, falling off me after a 100 lb weight loss. Our clothes come from either thrift stores or Free-cycle, Craigslist or generous friends/neighbors. Spoiled they are, because they have two parents, devoted to nothing but THEIR welfare and happiness. Why that father thought that shooting his child’s laptop would do anything but strike terror in her heart, I don’t know. I just wish I could have custody of her to show how a REAL family is supposed to be. Ruled by love and understanding rather than fear and tyranny.