The Obama Healthcare Debacle

A family in Denver got some surprising news this morning. The health care, which they have had for twelve years has changed. Before, they were able to take their children to the doctor for a very little fee and no monthly charges. Now, thanks to the change in the government laws, they will have to pay thirty-five dollars a month for their children’s health insurance.

Now, to the average American, this wouldn’t seem like a big deal but this family is hovering on the edge of homelessness. The parents are both disabled and dependant on Social Security to pay the bills. They don’t qualify for food assistance (SNAP) or any services from the state besides the CHP+ program. They are among the millions hurt by the changes the government has forced upon them.

With the medical bills skyrocketing, the father of this family has decided to forgo the much-needed surgery he needs because they can’t afford the copays. If he doesn’t get the surgery, he will lose the use of his left arm completely The mother doesn’t see the doctor as she should because the copays rose from twenty to forty dollars a visit. The youngest child is a type one diabetic and needs multiple shots of insulin every day just to survive. He’s twelve years old. Without the medicine, he will die. Without the insurance, he will not get his medication…. with the monthly insurance payments, he will go without food a few times a week.

This is not an isolated incident. For MANY American people, this insurance issue has gotten way out of hand. We aren’t punishing anyone for being poor… are we? With the struggles of the poorer American people getting harder, I have to wonder if the government isn’t just trying to kill off those who are “less than desirable” in subtle ways. We have families becoming homeless every day because of any number of things and this is just one more family who will become homeless because of a government that doesn’t really care about its people. Just one more family being shoved into the gutters of America.The only thing different about this family is it’s mine.

Now it’s personal.


The desire to change

So, I’ve got a really bad case of wanderlust as does my middle son. What we want to do is get an RV and spend a year travelling around the country, learning, exploring and LIVING. He’s 15 now and has plans to leave home after his 16th birthday so he can explore and get on with his life making Tiny Houses, living off grid. He has dreams and aspirations. I’m totally OK with this. He can always be emancipated and be legally able to do as he desires.

Back to our dream. We have been home/unschooling for a couple years now and now we want to be able to GO to the places we have been learning about and REALLY learn, get to talk to the people in the different areas of the country and expose the boys to different cultures.

There is a major problem.


The RV would cost between 5 and 10 thousand for a small one. We have really bad credit because of medical bills so we can’t get a loan. I’m wondering if we should start a kickstarter or Gofundme for the funds. We’d have money for gas and food but not the initial vehicle. This is something we’d really like to do and another thing this would do is help us to save money for a homestead.

Right now, we spend 1300 a month on rent and another thousand on other bills (electricity, water, gas etc)  We are unable to save ANY money for emergencies much less a house. This would help by allowing us to travel and find cheaper places to rent or buy.

Maybe be able to afford things like shoes and clothing for the kids even!

On abuse

Yesterday  I posted about my husbands treatment of my son. He saw the post and It made him sound like an absolute monster and it upset him. Understandably.

He’s not all bad. There are times when he’s loving and caring. He takes care of the bills, makes sure the rent is paid and we have lights on. We eat and most of the time we have enough money for doctors appointments. Not his fault we are on disability and pay more than half our money in rent. It just is.

For those who were concerned, don’t be. We are fine. Thank you for the concern though.

My eldest child

Monday, the 6th of September, my eldest son (29) was due to fly into town. He was to join me in being interviewed for a television series. Let me tell you about the arrival and subsequent week we’ve had.

Monday morning he calls, telling me what time his flight is leaving. Then he calls me a few hours later and tells me he’s at the airport. He calls me before they load the plane (while I’m at the Drs with my hubby) Then he calls again when he lands.

During all these calls, he’s telling me about everything. The check in gestapo took his hormone creams and trashed them. His father just dropped him at the airport and left instead of waiting for the boarding announcement.

Not surprising. His father’s a dumb ass.

He calls me to tell me he’s on the way from the airport via taxi. Then he calls again to tell me he’s at the office, unsure of what apartment building I’m in. I tell him we’d meet him outside. I head outside in bare feet so I won’t miss him (So very excited to see my baby after 5 years!)

The cab pulls up and a young woman steps from the cab. There’s no one else in the cab so I look at the woman again…

It was my son.

If I hadn’t already known he was gay, I would have been shocked but, because I have spoken to him, I knew.

Still, it would have been nice to be forewarned! I could have alerted his younger brothers to the idea that bubba likes wearing dresses. Good thing I’ve raised them to be open minded!

Fast forward to Wednesday. David, the producer shows up and is a bit surprised by the difference in my son. Or should I say my daughter? Anyway, they set up and spent the next four hours interviewing us both. They were very nice and the children behaved like true gentlemen.

Saturday, my eldest got up and went to Walmart to cash a check. While there, he lost his wallet. ID and all….

Guess who’s not catching his flight home on Monday??

Busy week!

Monday I took hubby to the doctor and finally got a diagnosis (pending the neuros advisement). Anterior Cerebral Atrophy with more than 30 white matter abnormalities with at least one on the brain stem. Prognosis is not good 😦

Same day my oldest son flew in from Oklahoma for an interview with the producer of Snapped on Wednesday. He’ll be heading back home on Monday morning. We are talking about him coming to live with us to help me with hubby.

I’m in EXCRUCIATING pain today after all the house cleaning, stress and the weather change along with the solar flare that is hitting us at the moment. Those damned things always mess with my fibro!  I’m out of weed so I have to get on the motorcycle and drive 5 miles in 40 degree weather to get more so I can stop hurting. Just SO glad I’m in a state with legal MJ. It helps SO much more than narcotics and antidepressants.

The boys are going to online school this year and are, as of now, about 15 lessons behind. It’s been a week where I’ve been more worried about other things than school. I REALLY wish I hadn’t let hubby talk me into it. Unschooling was SO much easier and the boys were actually learning things instead of just clicking buttons and guessing the tests. They pass them (mostly) without doing the actual studying! The school bumped Dan up a grade so he’s in 7th now and Sean is in 9th. First year of high school is frustrating him horribly 😦

Non Secular/Secular Homeschool

As some of you know, I’m not big on religion. Most of the time I don’t talk about religious matters with my children because I feel that they will ask, when they are ready. 

My children have never gone to church. Well, that’s not true but my eldest was just a baby the last time we went and he’s almost 15 now. Anyway, their religious training is, according to my father, extremely lacking. I’ve told him that when religion spoke to my childrens hearts, they will ask the questions and I will teach them. 

The time has come. 

This year my 15 year old has started initiating conversations about the bible and religion in general. He wants to learn a multifaceted genre of secularity. We’ve begun with Christianity: history and philosophy. Thus far, the debates have been thorough and lively with my 11 year old getting into the conversation as well. I answer questions that I can and we find the answers I don’t know. Thank goodness I had a good education on this subject because some of the questions they ask are doozys! 


That said, I find myself concerned about brainwashing them into a belief they don’t have already. My elder already is well versed in mythological gods and goddesses from Egypt and such. He has begun reading the bible and finds it “a good read but perplexing” Asking questions that defy answers, even WITH reading the bible. I always had the exact same questions that he does and even my college professors didn’t answer them satisfactorily. I still don’t know the answers to those questions and I have a REAL problem with the “just trust and believe in God” I just can’t for some reason.

My biggest thing here is that I trust that little voice in my heart that tells me when something is right or wrong and I’ve always taught my children to do the same. It’s worked amazingly well thus far.I have well behaved children with flaws. They are human and make mistakes. When they do, I ask if they listened to their inner voice. Usually the answer is no. They learn and evolve.

I’ve never seen the sense in mixing religion and mathematics or science. Literature, sparingly. History, we have talked about it when coming across it in their studies but didn’t delve into the spiritual aspect. If it wasn’t relevant, it wasn’t taught. 

This year, I feel in my gut, will be a very interesting, spiritual year for my house. I can’t wait for the conversations I’m going to have.


I LOVE homeschooling!

Well, it’s done…

My daughter in law was found guilty after less than a week on trial. I was not able to be there for my son due to finances but I talked to him every night over the phone.


Now she faces life in prison.


My son told me that she is refusing to sign divorce papers even though she was the one who asked for a divorce a year ago. He can’t understand why she’d do this to him after all he did for her while she was going through the wait for trial. Honestly, I don’t either. It almost feels like she’s holding on to him as some sort of lifeline or something. I suppose I’ll have to write her and ask.


I’m still coming to grips with this whole thing. I’m sad for my son yet so glad that this is over. I don’t know what to think of the trial and conviction except that it took too long to get her in to trial and that should have been handled differently. They didn’t ask all who knew her any questions about her. Personally, I think she was railroaded but, that’s just me. If she IS truly guilty, she’s where she should be and society is safe. At least from her.